What to Pack

For every Tauck itinerary, you’ll find helpful information on this very topic at www.tauck.com. Select an itinerary and click on the tour name. You’ll see a row of headings leading to information about the trip. Click on Before You Go, and then scroll down the page to the What to Pack sub-heading. This information can also be found under Packing Tips on the same list of headings.

Here you’ll find information about the type of clothing you’ll need – given the local climate conditions and how casual or dressy the venues visited will be. You’ll also find a list of recommended items to pack and important reminders about your travel documents, prescription medications and laundry service availability on the road.

Heading to Africa on Kenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari?

Following the steps above, you’ll learn that this is a very casual tour with no need for resort attire; that wearing earth-tone colours is recommended (and why) – that a bandana will come in handy and using camp laundry services following a dusty game-drive day is both affordable and practical.

Contemplating a Riverboat trip on French Waterways?

The Clothing and Packing information will tell you that comfortable and casual is perfect aboard ship or for sightseeing. For the Tauck welcome and farewell dinners, casual resort wear is likely to make you feel comfortable with your fellow travellers – for example, chinos and a polo shirt for men; slacks or skirt and a blouse, or a casually dressy dress for women. Should you decide to dine on your own at a more formal restaurant (on land), a jacket and tie may be preferred or required for gentlemen.

Cruising on a small ship on Treasures of the Aegean?

“Casual elegance” describes the feel of sailing on a yacht as well as the way that guests typically dress. Dressing for relaxation and comfort are key but it’s helpful to think about what you would wear at an upscale land resort. We offer suggestions for both day and evening attire under Before You Go – as well as what to expect when visiting mosques.

Both island hopping and mountain sightseeing on Peru and the Galápagos Islands?

You’ll find guidance on packing essentials for both, from what to wear at sea to what to wear when crossing the Andes Mountains at high elevations. Included notes will advise that a special occasion in Lima calls for casually elegant evening attire and in the Galápagos, water shoes for “wet landings” ashore and beach walks are a must – and that wet suits are available aboard ship.

No matter your destination...

No matter your destination, keep in mind that comfort and convenience are critical. We encourage you not to over pack, but rather to bring outfits that can be mixed and matched for style – and layered or removed for changes in temperature. Above all, bring shoes that are supportive and comfortably broken in for walking, preferably with a non-slip sole. See "Before You Go" on each tour for details.

Generic Packing List

Below is a generic packing list for your consideration – but again, it’s always best to check the itinerary-specific information available for every Tauck trip.


  • Comfortable, casual wear for sightseeing in limited colours that can be mixed and matched
  • A slightly dressy outfit for a special evening (for men, a blazer or sport coat, chinos and polo shirt, for example; for women, a skirt and a casually dressy top or a simple dress)
  • A light to medium sweater and a light jacket or windbreaker for layering
  • In humid climates, bring loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers
  • In colder climates, bring layers that you can add or subtract as the day warms up or the nights cool down
  • Swimsuit with cover-up
  • Athletic gear for working out (optional)


  • Comfortable, broken-in, supportive walking shoes or sandals
  • Casually dressy shoes for evening
  • Athletic shoes for workouts (optional)

Accessories: Glasses and/or contact lenses, sunglasses, hat, alarm clock, batteries and chargers for small electronics and phone, camera and memory cards.

Prescriptions: A supply sufficient for the entire trip and a copy of your prescription(s) in your carry-on bag; extra pair of prescription glasses.

Sundries: Sun, lip and insect protection, preferred over-the-counter medications for upset stomach, pain reliever or allergies, preferred personal hygiene products, contact lens solution and beauty items.


  • Umbrella / rain jacket
  • A tote bag that folds into its own zippered pouch – handy for shopping or bringing back souvenirs
  • Emergency contact phone numbers; addresses for sending postcards.
  • Cash, ATM card
  • Photograph of luggage contents in case of loss
  • Sealable plastic bags for stowing small liquid containers
  • Travel documents or confirmation numbers, passport, Frequent Flyer cards, medical insurance cards, business cards (to exchange with friends made along the way)
  • Binoculars


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